The 10 things you need to know before moving in with your boyfriend

1. Not living with your parents is super expensive

Rent is just the start, you also need to consider council tax, food, wifi, TV, water, gas and electric etc. It’s expensive, plan carefully before jumping into any contracts, and make sure you can afford it – having to ask mum and dad to bail you out isn’t particularly fun.

2. You literally see this person every single day

When you wake up, when you get out of the shower, when you’re making breakfast, as you leave the house, as you come back to the house, while you’re going for a wee – they’re always there. If you’re not right for each other, you’re gonna figure it out pretty damn quickly. Make sure you can handle seeing this much of one person, and also make sure you take enough time for yourself. Just work isn’t enough! Make sure you’ve got interests of your own; I go rowing twice a week, cheer once a week, and love brunch-esque catch ups with friends.


My second date with Josh, V&A Museum Swarovski ice rink


3. Renting is wasted money

A practical note here, when you pay your landlord that money is literally gone. Yes, you get a roof over your head, but that’s it. When you pay money into a mortgage you’re earning equity in the house – when you sell the house, you get this back – everyone’s a winner. Big catch of course is that for a regular mortgage you need a minimum 10% deposit (unless you’re on a help-to-buy scheme) AKA a lot of money. The mortgage conversation is one you need to have with your partner when you make the decision to live together – saving that amount of money takes a long time, starting early is key.

4. Men take forever in the bathroom

You may think it’s women who take their time when it comes to getting ready, but men take SO LONG on the loo – I don’t know what takes so bloody long, baffling. Also, if your boyfriend, like mine, is heavily bearded, they take ages to shave, especially if they’re adamant they’ll use an open blade like Josh. Also add on the time it takes to clean the bathroom afterwards (which I guarantee they won’t do thoroughly!).

5. If neither of you can cook, you’re buggered

Luckily Josh and I can both cook. However, if this isn’t the case, you’ll need to get used to either take-aways, microwave meals or food poisoning. Keep an eye out on my blog for perfect recipes for two people like the photo below.


Indian spice and crème fraîche marinated chicken skewers with Jamaican rice and ‘peas’

6. You’ll love playing hostess

Having friends over for dinner, being able to say “you can crash at ours”, and planning big summer BBQ’s is just really fun. What you won’t love, is the tidying up that follows.

7. All of your furniture is going to be from IKEA

It’s a rite of passage. You have to buy lots of flatpack furniture from the mesmerising Swedish shop – let’s be honest, he’s only there for the meatballs. You, however, love the soft furnishings section. Building all the furniture starts off as fun, romantic and reminiscent of a scene from The Notebook. However, once you’re 80 minutes into building your oak effect wardrobe you become sweaty and you start to hate your partner. It’s not fun, anyone who says it is is lying! Or they’ve worked in IKEA and are masterminds in allen keys and MDF boards.

8. Things don’t tidy themselves

You’re used to leaving belongings here there and everywhere and then going to bed. You wake up and the house is magically tidy. Not when your parents aren’t about. Get ready to clean and tidy and argue about said cleaning and tidying.

9. They’ll see you at your worst 
And I mean worst. Mental breakdowns, they’re there. Super sick, they’re there (I recently had to clear a bathtub full of sick, ew). Embarrassing ailments that require a trip to A&E, they’re there. In sickness and in health they say, most definitely.

10. Other people will tell you you’re not ready

This is entirely your decision to make – no one else can know if you’re ready to move in with your significant other or not. Who knows, you may have made the right decision, you may have made the wrong decision – we live to learn.

Let me know your cohabiting success/horror stories!
Here are some photos of our humble abode for you nosey buggers (I’d so wanna see)

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