101 things in 1001 days

I live a pretty busy life, working in London, but living in South West England means that I spend more than 3 hours a day on the train; once I get home I don’t have a great deal of time to do anything other than eat and sleep. I saw this idea on Design Darling, the amazing blog my Mackenzie Horan, and I’m hoping that having things written down, with a time limit, will mean that I actually get things done! The list gives me 2.75 years to complete the 101 things below, fingers crossed I’ll complete all of them – if you’re inspired to do the same, let me know and I’ll link through to your version.

(Bolded when completed)

  1. Read 30 books (1. Versions of Us; 2. Behind Closed Doors; 3. Missing Presumed)
  2. Do some charity work
  3. See 5 concerts/shows/plays (1. Miss Saigon; 2. Cirque du Soleil; 3. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time; 4. Billy Elliot, 5. Blood Brothers, 6. Billy Elliot (again!), 7.Wicked (again))
  4. Get into right legged splits
  5. Achieve the perfect flat stomach!
  6. Unplug for 24 hours (no internet, TV, phones etc.)
  7. Invest in matching luggage set
  8. Attend a yoga/pilates/tai chi class
  9. Clear out personal email inbox – (I got a new email address, that’s good enough right?)
  10. Unsubscribe from unwanted email lists
  11. Clear out iPhone photos
  12. Invest in a disc drive for my macbook
  13. Redesign blog
  14. Go for brunch – some amazing London brunches on Telegraph Travel (Christopher’s, Covent Garden)
  15. Have a pre-work run 5 days in-a-row
  16. Write one blog post a day for 5 consecutive days
  17. Put together a recipes collection – some lovely books in paperchase
  18. Try 10 new restaurants/eateries (Christopher’s, Covent Garden; Gordon’s Wine Bar, Embankment; Megan’s Café, Chelsea; Windsor Castle, Victoria; haven’t kept up to date on this – but have definitely completed!)
  19. Design and order business cards
  20. Travel to Budapest
  21. Buy a compact but good quality camera
  22. Make amends with certain people
  23. Pass a shorthand exam (60 WPM, 22/04/16)
  24. Take a night class
  25. Apply for a job miles above my levels of expertise (Got it!)
  26. Invest in contact lenses
  27. Try a 3-day juice diet
  28. Take mum on a spa day (Syon Park, Kallima Spa; Meon Valley, Southampton)
  29. Perfect my recipe for white chocolate and raspberry muffins
  30. Buy a lemon tree
  31. Travel to a new country
  32. Travel to a new continent
  33. Go skiing again
  34. Hire a villa/castle with loads of friends for a long weekend
  35. Go on a trip with my sister, Georgie (Ancient Cities of the Med cruise w/ Saga)
  36. Try a cookery class
  37. Try pottery making
  38. Go to a cheerleading competition (BCA Summer Showdown 2017)
  39. Join a level 3+ cheer team (Starting at Legacy in April)
  40. Make a beef wellington
  41. Watch my cheerleading team perform (Farnborough Sixth Form College cheer showcase 26/04/16)
  42. Clear out wardrobe and drawers
  43. Have my teeth whitened
  44. Attend a black tie event (Two charity events – one being The Butterfly Ball)
  45. Go to Dublin
  46. Buy a polaroid instax camera (Got one for my 19th birthday, thanks mum and dad!)
  47. Go on a Press Trip for Telegraph (Ancient Cities of the Med cruise w/ Saga)
  48. Put £100 into savings each month for 6 consecutive months
  49. Go ice skating (Swarovski rink at V&A museum with Josh)
  50. Have a dinner party with friends
  51. Watch a ballet
  52. Take the plunge and ditch “.wordpress.com”
  53. Make 10 pinterest recipes
  54. Go vegetarian for a week
  55. Drink only water for 3 days
  56. Take part in a ‘Tough-mudder’ type event
  57. Climb Mount Snowdon
  58. Invest in Louboutins
  59. Watch 5 TED talks
  60. Perfect a home-made pornstar martini recipe
  61. Invest in the ‘Friends’ boxset
  62. Buy a Mulberry bag
  63. Complete first 5 weeks of Tom Daley’s ab routines
  64. Use my yoga ball every night for a month
  65. Update my CV
  66. Achieve 5 chin-ups
  67. Achieve 10 chin-ups
  68. Make ravioli
  69. Go back to ballet
  70. Try rowing – (Guildford Rowing Club member, rowing at least twice a week)
  71. See the Northern Lights
  72. Visit Dubrovnik
  73. Finish this 101 list
  74. Put £5 into savings for every goal achieved

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