Dirty Martini, review

Dirty Martini is now becoming a well known chain of cocktail bars around London and personally, they’ve never failed to impress. They are averagely priced for a cocktail in the city ranging from £8-£12, so nothing out of the norm there. However, catch them at happy hour – which thankfully is far more than an hour, but differs at each location – and you can grab yourself a very well made martini for £4.50. My recommendation (in any cocktail bar) will always be the Pornstar (passion fruit) Martini, their Blueberry Shrub Martini is also a personal favourite, as well as the Bramble, Silent Pool Gin shaken with fresh lemon juice, Crème de Mure liqeuer and fresh blackberries – beautiful, but not inclusive of happy hour.

All of their bars have great atmosphere, and would be great for a drink out with friends. They can however be very, very loud on weekend evenings, so if you’re looking for a chilled out drink and a chat then this really isn’t the place. Furthermore, on my last visit despite having table service the waitress wanted payment after every round of drinks arrived – I found this a bit bizarre, I don’t think my friend and I look suspicious, but who knows, heels and a skirt may be the new balaclava.

4/5 stars – would definitely recommend.



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