The Cha-Cha Slide Taught Me Nothing Part I: Reverting to old relationships does us more harm than good

We, as a human race, love falling back to the comforting past like children love presents on Christmas Day. Please, don’t ask me why this is ‘a thing’ – if I knew and could stop it, then I would without a shadow of a doubt.

The ‘Cha-cha slide’ honestly taught us nothing, frankly ‘reverse, reverse’ was the worst life lesson you could’ve instilled in me from a young age – cheers Mr. C ‘The Slide Man’.

A friend said to me a while ago “you love the ex’s don’t you”. History will indeed tell you that I’m incredibly talented at reverting back to surrounding myself with people who are no good for me, or don’t want me there, but so are a lot of others. And being the selfish bitches that we are, we don’t really care that it’s hurting their new missus or that our friends will tell us we’re doing the wrong thing. Trust me; you’ll do it anyway, especially when the other party is more than happy to oblige.

We regress to people with whom we associate memories of comfort, because that’s what we, as human beings, crave every single day, alongside a sprinkling of excitement, of course.

Despite an amazing life, incredible job, priceless circle of friends and family, I still do it, and probably so do you. The honest truth is that I, personally, almost keep a bank of people around me that I know I can always jump back to, even if they’ve walked all over me – don’t ever let people do this, you’ll feel incredibly crap if you do – but recently under a few different sets of circumstances, these individuals and I have all gone our separate ways, and although I feel pretty crap, ridding myself of these unhealthy relationships has to be a good thing right?

That’s what everyone tells me, and what I’d tell you if you were in my situation. Let’s just work on convincing ourselves this is true eh. We’re all incredible people in one way or another, we just need to stop pressuring ourselves into thinking everything has to work out perfectly all at once, it doesn’t.

Watch this space, and listen to History (Made in the A.M) One Direction, for an annoyingly catchy, but relevant example of what I mean.

Co-written with the beautiful Louisa Fox of 21st Century Fox, please see her blog for the wonderful second instalment of this tale.


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