A Yorkshire weekend

My weekend began with a glass of wine at Searcy’s champagne bar, St. Pancras, with some work colleagues – the only way to start a weekend. Naughty, giggly conversations are mandatory after a relatively stressful week at work, especially as I’m being rotated around the office as of next week (any excuse for a few drinks in all honesty). This somehow turned into creating plans for a hiking trip, including hip flasks, obviously.

So after mild intoxication I ‘hopped’ on the train to Nottingham, my debut in first class, it’s safe to say I was impressed. The wine is free. Free. Anyone that knows me will know this is enough to make me a very, very happy person. On a serious note, for an extra £15 I’d say if you’re taking a long haul train (Nottingham isn’t a particularly long journey from St. Pancras, 2 hours maximum) then first class is really worth it: free wifi, plug sockets for chargers, tea and coffee, water (+wine), basic snacks and very comfortable seating. Treat yourself, we all deserve a bit of ‘luxury’ every now and then.

My hotel in Nottingham (well Southwell, about 20 minutes out) was lovely, a very old building (15th century coaching inn), so it was traditional rather than modern. This may not be some peoples cup of tea, personally I prefer a very modern hotel; think The Grange St. Pauls, The Aviator, Park Plaza Waterloo, however this was lovely, and there are some absolutely beautiful modern hotels in England; Beaumont Estate (Picture below, a really good friend of mine recently got married here), and Chewton Glen. Anyway, I’m falling off topic – The Sacarens Head was lovely, my meal wasn’t great, but others raved and the rooms were comfortable. I was in a bloody z-bed, but that was my fault, I booked way too late and had to palm my way into an already occupied room, my back will recover some day.


I then travelled up to Yorkshire, another 2 hour journey, but a lovely little cottage with my parents and friends awaited, alongside a 45 minute trip to the nearest town (We’ll be in the middle of nowhere) to see Spectre tonight. The lengths this family will go to to see a Bond film are un-measurable. The cottage here is beautiful, there are photos below, Hutton Le Hole is the epitome of a chocolate box village, complete with a tiny chocolatier. I’m assuming we’ll see where the night takes us after Spectre, my lovely mum genuinely just suggested that tonight we should “turn all the lights off and play hide and seek”, all dad had to add was “I’ll make wolf noises, it’s halloween” – clearly I’m having a wild October 31st this year, no need for that all in one black latex catsuit.

Have a lovely weekend, either stick your feet up or go exploring, everything in between is not necessary this weekend.






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