Paycheque purchases – The working girl (oo-er)

Please do read on if the thought of a “girl posts recent purchases” post makes you feel positively ill! I’ve also added some essential pointers to commuting and work life as I’ve been going along – if it still makes you feel positively ill, then I offer my deepest apologies!

Post after post on here has detailed the ins and outs of my new, incredible job – and a few days ago I received my first Telegraph paycheque. Saving, of course would be wise, but I’ll save that for paycheque number two. The items I have purchased are predominantly work/commute essentials, but I’ll show them off out of the office too!

1. Purchase number one took me to the lavish surroundings of Tiffany’s, Old Bond Street. For the past two years every piece of jewellery I have owned has had a connection to a boyfriend – though I absolutely adore every single item they all have very strong emotions attached. Now as a single lady it’s time I got something for me, from me! This will hold lots of memories, and memories that can never be ruined! Namely, my independence, the support of my family and friends and my bloody amazing job! (Broken record, I know, I apologise). Onto the product itself it sits on a 20″ chain, which is slightly longer than a regular pendant length (16-18″), so it sits really nicely with your stereotypical v-neck office blouses, which I currently live in day-in, day-out. Though this piece should probably be special occasion wear, it will be hanging around my neck, making me feel über sophisticated (a bit of German there for you Carrie) every bloody day!


2. This is a bit of a come-down following the Tiffany elegance, but the product is (sort-of) essential. My baby blue travel card holder from Accesorize, Waterloo Station. At £3, this was purchased from loose pocket change following the daily coffee run at work, so quite obviously didn’t break the bank. When purchasing yearly travelcards (£4,565 later) you are given a bog standard National Rail Services wallet, which bizarrely has three pockets – I may be missing something here, but you only actually need two, one for your ticket and one for your photocard (this is essential for travel, as your ticket is not valid without it) Hence, the third seems pointless, so I went in search of something marginally prettier that only possessed two pockets.

3. Another Accesorize purchase here, this shop has frequently abused my debit card recently as it sits very very close to the platform where my 17:12 train departs – it doesn’t take much to tempt me! You generally associate London commuters with a suit and a rucksack – quite frankly I’ve never been able to pull off the rucksack look, and now that I have a (semi) permanent desk, I don’t really have much to take with me to and from work everyday. Therefore, a hand bag is more than sufficient, though I’ve got my eye on a colleagues mulberry, this is gorgeous, and I’m very happy with it, lots of room, sturdy straps and handy pockets for iPads, travel cards etc. If you’re in a similar ‘what bag is appropriate for work’ type-situation, my advice would definitely be to wait and see what everyone else is using.

9058024521758 9058024652830

4. This is a little bit of a cheat, as I haven’t actually purchased this item yet, but I’m very excited about it and it’s got a work based theme (ish). The iPhone 6 is quite honestly beautiful, I’m a big apple lover – both the fruit and the technology, and I can’t wait to pop this gem in my new handbag. When working full time it’s important that you can access work document on personal appliances, luckily my company operate through google (chrome/mail/calendars) hence it can be accessed from virtually anything. However, it’s not uncommon in business that emailing documents can be a struggle due to apple/window conversions – so bare this in mind.


5. My fifth and final product is my Acme iPad mini case, Currys, I’m not a fan of the snap close iPad covers that act as a stand aswell, simply because the ridges that provide the stability for the stand mark the screen. Therefore, I wanted a simple sleeve, this proved to be more difficult than you’d expect as most of these types of case are made of a non-aesthetically pleasing neoprene material. So this was an absolute find, thank you Acme!

On a final note, today my team launched the new lifestyle website – we worked SO hard to get it to go live on time, and we did it! So today was a really good day, this photo shows some of the thank-you presents we got from the lifestyle team, and the “Celebratory Queen’s teapot cake” that got sent in today.

Megan xo



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