My top travel destinations

Many 18/19 year olds may be embarking on a year out between college and university or college and full-time work, these are a few places that I would love to travel to, and plan to, when I find the time and money! First world problems…

Firstly, city breaks, perfect for a long weekend with a loved one or friends. These are ideal if you are already working full time as you only need to take 2 days off of work to have an amazing 4 day trip. Inter-railing is becoming evermore popular with young people, and these cities offer unforgettable stops along your journey.

  • Barcelona! Myself and one of my best friends Holly have been dreaming about Barcelona for a long time, we’ll do it soon I’m sure. Full of tapas bars, vibrant and sexy jazz and salsa clubs, it has everything to offer for a three night trip full of fun. Gaudí’s Sagrada Família and the huge Festes de la Mercé are un-missable!
  • Amsterdam, fantastic for a budget city break with Van Gogh’s self-named museum, boat rides along the beautiful canals, or sitting back in the traditional brown cafés – not forgetting the red light district of course. (My family and I walked through the red light district in Nijmegen during the walking march a few years ago, mum and I were loving the expressions on the men’s faces!)
  • Marrakech, full of colourful Souks – designed for haggling – belly dancing shows, hiking adventures in the Atlas Mountains and the mouth watering Moroccan cuisine – a city break rich in culture.

Souk at Marrakech

Souk at Marrakech

Clubbing holidays, very popular with people my age, however I haven’t embarked on one myself! Hence, I’ve got some advice from one of my best friends, Jodie, who went to Malia not that long ago, these are her tips! 1. Take more money than you think you’ll need, Ibiza especially is expensive, and if you want to be going on all the boat parties etc, they’re pretty pricey! 2. You don’t need as many clothes as you think. Bikinis, cover-ups, underwear and a few outfits for nights out, even with this little you’ll end up not wearing most of it. 3. (In her exact words) Pre-drink sh*t loads! Alcohol inside the clubs on the strip is damn expensive. And finally, 4. Buy and eat food on your way back to your hotel after a night out, this’ll reduce your hangover in the morning. So here are the top destinations, all offer a very similar lifestyle, so I’ve just listed some of the extras that each place has to offer:

  • Malia, Malia booze cruise – The official boat party, a 4 hour trip full of drinking games, free cocktails, swimming stops and resident DJ’s.
  • Ibiza, The Ibiza rocks hotel offers “cool accommodation, poolside vibes and the biggest acts live under the Balearic stars”.
  • Ayia Napa, The Kandi beach party runs every Friday during the summer season. With “internationally acclaimed artists”, BBQ’s and VIP entrance to Twice as Nice at Club Ice – one of the best nights out Napa has to offer.

I try to have a typical relaxation holiday in the sun once a year, but relaxation comes in different forms for different people. The destinations listed below are the typical sea, sun and sand, however I also love the idea of heading up to Scotland or Devon and cosying down in cottages with fires and hot chocolate – cliché but amazing. Anyway, to get back on track:

  • The Maldives, Picture perfect beaches adorned with powder white sand, crystal clear waters and endless blue skies.
  • Tuscany, beautiful vistas as far as the eye can see. I would place Florence within the same category as Tuscany, two beautiful Italian regions, both incredible for their great food and wines, accompanied by postcard-worthy vistas.
  • Caribbean island of St Vincent offers a “digital detox” courtesy of tour company Black Tomato who relieve you of all technological devices. Accompanied with Sun and white sand this is the perfect way to relax.

Caribbean Island

Caribbean Island

Finally, before I bore everybody, I want to breach upon time-specific holidays – maybe a strange title but definitely worth talking about, you’ll see what I mean!

  • Christmas in New York, quite simply magical. Ice skating at the Rockefeller Centre or Central Park, holiday markets at Union Square, Columbus Circle and Grand Central Station. Huge Christmas trees at South Street Seaport, the Metropolitan museum and the Rockefeller Centre. Throw in the shopping, lights and carols, New York City is simply unforgettable around the 25th of December.
  • Holi, the Indian festival of colour. Celebrated in March, the cultural event symbolises the victory of good over evil. Taking place all over India, people take to the streets, throwing coloured water and powder paint. Traditionally white clothes should be worn for maximum colour capture with friends and family!
  • Hogmanay in Edinburgh, Scotland’s 3 day New-Year festival. Last year the event attracted 148,000 people from 70 countries, it’s proved to be extremely popular. From street parties, open air concerts and torch processions to the midnight moment itself, Hogmanay offers something for everyone! Follow the hashtag #blogmanay to keep up with the action at New-Year!

Holi, The Festival of Colours

Holi, The Festival of Colours

Megan xo


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