Trainee Editor for The Telegraph Media Group


This is incredible! Words cannot describe how ecstatic I am to have been given this opportunity and I’m highly doubtful the excitement will cease any time soon. The application process for this job was a long one, a long written application, a video application (eek! Not particularly easily), then two 6/7 hour assessment days. However, it was undeniably worth it and I physically cannot wait to start. With this apprenticeship I will also be studying for a level 3 NCTJ qualification (Journalism) at Lambeth College – which you normally cannot apply for without a degree. So the opportunities that have been presented to me here are endless, and I’m so grateful. On top of this I’m going to be working full-time at The Telegraph’s London office in Victoria, which is going to be an amazing experience!

My reason for writing this post, however, is not just to express my excitement, but to stress how important it is for young people to explore routes other than University. A year ago the term “stressed” didn’t even begin to cover the emotional pressure that I as a young person was put under when effectively deciding what to do with the rest of my life. Initially I chose to apply for LLB Law, then changed my mind to Primary Teaching with QTS – quite a change, I know! I went through the whole UCAS process, which is very long and once again stressful, not to mention the costs and time involved with attending University open days. Furthermore, a lot of courses have requirements above your standard  A Levels/BTECs, such as the LSATs for Law, BMATs and UKCATs for Medicine and Professional Skills Tests for teaching, to name but a few. After having completed these procedures things can go wrong – I got appendicitis during my A level exams, and ended up with three Cs as opposed to my predicted ABB, I was not a happy bunny!

Luckily though, I had begun searching for other options as I had started to doubt whether University itself and the courses I had picked were right for me. Here I found apprenticeships. Though initially I was a bit of a snob, “Oh they’re just for people that aren’t good enough to get into University” – this is a common opinion regarding apprenticeships, internships, work placements and other various options. But these opinions are simply wrong – the competition for these jobs is of an incredibly high volume and standard. My application to ITV was 1 of 16,000.

The benefits involved with these programmes far out-weighed the negative views previously mentioned. As an apprentice with The Telegraph I receive a fair salary, appropriate paid holiday, a paid-for qualification and real life experience in one of the largest and most well respected newspapers in the UK. Quite frankly, I’m over the moon.

I have previously written a post at a different URL entitled “Shit Nick, she’s not going to University” and since then I’ve come on leaps and bounds. A week ago I was not in the most fantastic of places, I was bitterly disappointed with my 3 Cs (which in itself was stupid, those are pretty damn good grades, especially for someone who only took 50% of her courses), I hadn’t heard back from either of my job applications, and I had no idea what I was going to do with my life! I’m now sat happily blogging, having just declined an offer at The University of Winchester, declined a job offer with ITV and reading my two year contract from The Telegraph! So, my advice is just have a look, there’s so much out there – I recently saw an apprenticeship in crime scene photography, I think that’s pretty cool…

Megan xo


One thought on “Trainee Editor for The Telegraph Media Group

  1. Well done Megan xxx As a matter of interest how many applications were there for theTelegraph job ? You now have a new nickname ‘SCOOP’ .Thinking about it am I too old for the crime scene photography apprenticeship HA HA !!

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