I’ve currently been struck with tonsillitis, for about the 7th time – times like these call for tea, bed, rubbish telly and cooking. Today’s conquest is Jamie Oliver’s “Mint choc teacakes” however I’ve chosen to ignore the mint, an unpopular opinion in my household. I particularly like these as they’re a flash back to my childhood, tunnocks tea-cakes were my number one treat! So, I’m attempting a sexed-up version of those!

My boyfriend is head chef at a gastro pub/restaurant in Midhurst called The Royal Oak, so obviously he is number one judge of my cooking and baking ventures, fingers crossed I get the thumbs up!

This recipe can be found at http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/chocolate-recipes/mint-choc-teacakes/ and all credits for the recipe go to Georgina Hayden. These are some photos of my attempt, along with a few suggestions along the way that I believe will come in handy!

Tip #1 You’re gonna need some serious time, the meringue takes a while to whisk to the right consistency, and the dough for your scrummy chocolate biccys needs two hours chilling time before it’s ready to be rolled out.

Tip #2 There are some bits and bobs equipment-wise that you’ll need that isn’t initially stated in the on line recipe. Most importantly an electric whisk, you will be there for hours trying to whisk your Italian meringue into stiff peaks, not to mention the intense hand cramps that will follow! You’ll also need some kind of circular cutters to shape those biscuits – be creative though if you don’t have specific cookie cutters, make a template and cut around it or use the rim of a mug.

Tip #3 Allow everything to cool! Piping Italian meringue onto hot biscuits will produce a river of egg white and sugar, also be delicate when drizzling/dunking your chocolate concoction over the top, it can crush the beautifully piped meringue swirls.

Try them! Megan xo









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