Wake up!

It recently hit me just how much we care about what others think of us, in some ways, from time to time, we only rate ourselves however high or low based on others opinions, not our own. This realisation only takes effect when you start to grow up a little bit (just for the record, I would in no way say that I’m fully mature – In fact far from it, but I’m sure you understand where I’m coming from).

While at school, or college and even now from time to time, I would be incredibly self conscious about what I wore or said or shared on social media. For starters, I refused to ever post a blog post on twitter or facebook, I was honestly petrified that someone would think it was “uncool” or take the piss out of it with their friends. But you know what, in the politest way possible – screw them! It took a while but I’m now 100% confident enough to share my opinions, knowing that someone won’t agree, or to admit that I bloody love reading, and yes I wear certain items of clothing on a regular basis that my friends may not choose to wear themselves. (Side note, my best friends are bloody amazing, hola gorgeous ladies)

These things actually make me smile now, it seems so trivial! To be frankly honest, someone that reacted in any of the ways I’ve described above to any of my life choices isn’t someone that I’m that bothered about being in my life. So wake up guys! In the non-cheesiest way possible – be exactly who you want to be, you’ll thank yourself.

Megan xo


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