A small hello!

Food, friends, fun, photography, writing, road-trips, family, sport and media make up my life – that’s the short version anyway. I’ve had previous blogs that just haven’t taken off, or the title sounded vaguely like a porn-site (sorry grandad) – but I’m hoping this will be different.

So to start off, photography – now I don’t want to be one of those stereotypical white girls (which pretty much describes me perfectly, but hey ho) who claims to be a photographer, when in reality they just point their 100% automatic nikon at some pretty flower and press the damn button. But, my grandad is a photographer and I’ve started joining him on shoots, every now and then he lets me loose behind the lens and I’ve gotten some pretty cool shots. So he’s in the midst of teaching me the technicalities of taking a beautiful photo – then hopefully I can ride solo so to speak. Today we covered aperture, ISO and shutter speed, I’m already muddled!

I’m hoping by now you’ve understood the logic behind the blog title “Expose and Focus” technically speaking it should be the other way round, but that domain name was already taken so we can’t be too picky. Logo creds go to http://www.hipsterlogogenerator.com I really hope it isn’t that hipster, and I didn’t choose the site intentionally for the “hipster” advertising – that would just further shove me into the stereotypical white girl category. However, the “Expose and Focus” title I hope also describes my love of writing and journalism and work ethic – expose the truth or the story, and focus on making it the best it can be. Though seemingly corny, I’m sure no one would disagree.

While on the topic of writing and journalism, I am currently in the midst of interviews with The Telegraph Media Group and ITV. Both very exciting but both of them have already rung and told me that I wasn’t successful. But hold your pity, they have both offered my further interviews for different roles within their respective companies, which maybe isn’t what was initially planned it is still exciting. My first ITV interview was an assessment day, where I was THE ONLY GIRL, trying to include myself in conversations about football wasn’t a good idea – I just looked like a twat. The assessment day at The Telegraph however was the same day as the interview which was good as it only required on commute to central London. The Telegraph building is incredible, marble escalators up to security, then you have to pass through two/three security gates before you’re actually in – a different world ehh! I was spectacularly overwhelmed, as I was sat in a group of 16-21 year old girls who all knew the ins and outs of next seasons summer trends. Not this season, frigging NEXT season. I did meet a really cool girl though, Jess, who seemed to like/dislike the same people as myself, and was also far more into writing than suede A-Line skirts. Check out her blog here http://www.maefair.blogspot.co.uk some really cool, insightful stuff – you’ll enjoy!

So I have two more interviews to look forward to now, tomorrow and Friday. Unfortunately A level results come out tomorrow, so a night out has been planned – The Telegraph are going to have to experience me hungover on 3 hours of sleep, oops! I’ve rambled on enough to bore my old religious education teacher, and that’s saying something.

Megan xo

PS. I’ll leave you with a photo I took on my last shoot with grandad – Chelsea and Radie

Chelsea-227 (1)


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